Dear Neighbours,

I have been honoured to represent you as your Stittsville Councillor and hope I can count on your support for another four years.

Here’s why:

    1. I entered municipal politics because I care about the people of Stittsville. I have listened to community concerns and ideas and ensured that our collective interests would be represented in the broader City of Ottawa decision making wherever possible. As a business owner in Stittsville for fifteen years I really was proud to meet so many wonderful people. Our family saw the circle of life in our store as we saw babies to teenagers to dating to marriage to new babies. It was truly remarkable. The people of Stittsville including Councillor Janet Stavinga asked me if I would consider representing our great community and I said yes. While in the store people came to me with their concerns about the community and I reacted and helped. My community work did not start because I wanted to get into politics; it started because I care about the people of this community.
    2. I am your neighbour. My wife Theresa and I bought our home in Goulbourn Township in 1978. We have two beautiful children Ferzana and Shad Jr. We are also blessed to have five grandchildren: Aria six years old, Della and Logan three year olds, Callan two years old and Vaya one year old. I came to Canada at the age of 8. My father taught at Lisgar High School for over forty years and my mother looked after the family. I have two sisters who also grew up here.
    3. I have lead, facilitated or supported the creation of the service organizations that help make Stittsville the caring community it is. I have been asked by many to help or be part of starting up an event or an association or a service club and I did that.
      a) Founding Member of the Rotary Club of Ottawa Stittsville and President from 2004-2006, and Honorary member
      b) Founding member of the Stittsville Village Association in 2000 and President for four years
      c) One of the founding members for the Parade of Lights and have been in the Parade since inception
      d) I am a Lions member
      e) I was the Treasurer for three years for the West Ottawa Community Resource Centre
      f) I am a Legion member.
    4. As a family man, children are very important to me. I was asked to be on school councils over the years such as Holy Spirit Catholic School, A Lorne Cassidy and Sacred Heart High School. My family donated our time and bought supplies and made cotton candy and snow cones for all the schools over the year and to this day. The donation to the children is well over $100,000.00. We have also and still help out the Stittsville Nursery School and help out with many other requests.
    5. I believe that Stittsville is a very special and unique place within Ottawa, defined by many of you, your family, friends and neighbours. It is the people who make the community. As MP Gord O’Connor while representing Stittsville one particular year said to me during the Parade of Lights, “The people of Stittsville have great community spirit.” And I agreed as Stittsville is definitely a place where people want to live. That is because it is a community of caring individuals. We have many examples of our success as a caring community as we rally together to support our neighbours affected by fire, ice storms, seniors in need and those who need support during health challenges. We also celebrate each other as we succeed such as Erica Wiebe and so many others who call Stittsville ‘home’.

I will continue to provide this city with forward thinking and fresh new ideas based on your input, while maintaining our community’s core values.

I believe the best approach to accomplish anything for the community is with effective collaboration. My leadership style is based on relationship and collaboration with those that can influence City decisions in our favor. This straight forward approach helps us achieve results for Stittsville that help us flourish as a community.

I am Stittsville’s biggest fan. I would like to count on your vote this October 22nd to enable me to carry forward and strengthen our community.

Thank you,

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